Welcome to Smart Fintry

The innovation report for the project is now available on the Resources page.

Welcome to Smart Fintry, a community project based in the Stirlingshire village of Fintry pioneering a new way of trading and charging for electricity so that householders and businesses can buy their electricity directly from nearby renewable energy generators, using the existing electricity grid infrastructure. The aim is to reduce both electricity costs and carbon impacts.

For Residents

Find out how you can get involved and what the benefits are.

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About The Project

Find out more about what the project’s about.

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This website provides information about the project both to residents in the village who want to take part in the project and also to third parties who are interested in knowing more about what the project is doing. The site will be updated as the project progresses with information and news.

The Smart Fintry project uses the existing grid, wireless communications and smart meters to balance demand and supply.

The project is funded by a grant from the Scottish Government under the Local Energy Challenge Fund and is being delivered via a partnership between Fintry Development Trust and commercial partners.