Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart Fintry?

The SMART Fintry project will enable residents of Fintry to buy their power directly from nearby renewable energy generators. SMART Fintry is a two year project funded by The Local Energy Challenge Fund which is managed by Local Energy Scotland on behalf of The Scottish Government.

The project and aims to test and prove a new way to purchase electricity that’s both cheaper and greener. We will also be working on the project with Fintry Development Trust (FDT), which was formed to help make Fintry a sustainable rural community. This is a pioneering a blueprint to put communities at the heart of renewable energy generation across Britain.

What will the project be testing?

The project aims to assess the potential for reducing charges where energy is used by the communities that are generating it. The SMART for Fintry project believes that communities that use less of the central energy network infrastructure – all the cables and wires that branch across the UK – should pay less for it to.

The project also looks at ways we can use energy more efficiently, or at different times of the day, to reduce demand on the energy network at peak times and deliver further cost savings.

Customers on the Fintry Local Tariff will need to have a new smarter meter installed, as this is the main source of information that will be used to test how these savings can be achieved, in addition to removing estimated energy bills and unlocking some brilliant services for Fintry residents.

What is the aim of the project?

SMART Fintry is a first-of-its-kind project in the UK. Over two years, the project aims to show how local electricity supply networks can work within current infrastructure to reduce energy costs, cut carbon and make it easier for renewable generators to connect to the grid. This pioneering model will provide a blueprint that’s replicable for communities across the UK.

Why Fintry?

Fintry suffers from higher than average energy costs due to its remote location, outdated infrastructure and high energy consumption, and hard to heat homes. The SMART Fintry project will aim to tackle some of these challenges by making how energy is generated, used and managed in the area smarter, to reduce electricity costs and provide low-carbon heating.

Which generators are taking part in the project?

Currently the project buys electricity from several different renewable sources:

  • Jaw Farm has two 15kW wind turbines supplies about 35 MWh of electricity annually
  • Balafark Farm has one 80kW wind turbine which produces around 120 MWh
  • Fintry Sports Club had 50kW of Solar PV which provides 45MWh
  • Strathendrick Biogas is a 1.1MWe anaerobic digestion (AD) plant which supplies Fintry with 7735MWh of electricity each year

The Fintry Tariff has 115 domestic customers. Any excess electricity is purchased and used by other Good Energy consumers in the UK.