Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a new meter in my home, and why?

You do; we will install a new, smarter meter in your home to provide higher resolution data and better understand your electricity use. It’s this meter which acts as the primary tool to deliver cheaper prices for Fintry residents. Data from this meter will be one of several tools within the project which will help remove estimated energy bills; demonstrate how local consumption can be linked to data from local renewable generators and how savings can be achieved; and unlock some brilliant services for Fintry residents.

Do I Need To Be A Member Of FDT?

No, you don’t. You can take part in the project whether you’re a member of FDT or not (though of course, FDT would like it if you were a member).

Will I Be Able To Monitor My Energy Use?

Yes, there will be on-line tools that you can use to monitor your energy use. More information about this will be available soon.

Can I Still Use Energy When I Want To?

Yes, householders will always have the ultimate control over how they use electricity, how warm their house is, and when it’s heated.

Is My Data Protected? – Who Uses It?

Yes it is. None of the data will be sold on and no-one outside the project will be able to access the raw data or will be contacting you based on the data. Within the project, much of the use of the data will be done on an anonymous basis so no-one will know which house the data comes from. If you have particular concerns about how the data will be stored and used, please contact us.

Will My Meter Be Indoors Or Outdoors?

Your meter will most likely be exactly where it is just now.

What Will It Look Like?

smart-meter-previewThe smart meters are actually just a standard model of electricity meter with some different bits and pieces inside so they look just like a standard meter.

How Much Internal/External Disruption Will It Cause?

Very little. Energy Assets, one of the partners in the project, will come along and fit the new meter. This should take no more than an hour and will be done at a time that suits you.

Are There Any Costs To The Householder?

No. Obviously you’ll have to pay for your electricity as you currently do but there is no other cost involved in taking part in the project.

How Long Is The Fintry Tariff Price Guaranteed?

Until November 2017.

Can I Leave/Change Supplier At Any Time?

Yes, just as you can at the moment you can change electricity supplier whenever you want to. We would much rather you didn’t though.

What Are My Predicted Savings?

That’s going to depend on how much electricity you use in your house and how much you pay your current supplier. Good Energy staff will be in Fintry on the sign-up days and if you have information about your current usage, they’ll be able to give you an estimate of how much you should save.

Does FDT Make Money From This Scheme?