Fintry Tariff Sign-ups – Round Two

Round two of “sign ups” to our electricity tariff supplied via our partners GOOD ENERGY, is planned for:

FRIDAY 5th May 2017 9am – 6pm and SATURDAY 6th May 2017 9am – 4pm at the Sports Club.

To make the sign up process smoother please bring along a copy of your most recent energy bill and Good Energy will be able to provide you with the most accurate quote.

Each Fintry household will receive a letter from Good Energy about the Fintry Tariff. Over 80 households have already signed up to the Fintry Local Tariff. A huge thank you to everyone for supporting us. We’ve been able to save many households money on electricity bills.

So far, the project has:

  • Launched the SMART Fintry Local Tariff and around 80 homes have signed up.
  • Installed meters which record electricity use and feed back in real time
  • Local generators have now joined the project and are supplying Fintry with 100% green electricity

You can also sign-up by phone. The sign-up window is from 24th April to the 12th May. Please contact Good Energy on 0800 254 0004.