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Round 2 Tariff Sign-Ups

Sign-up day at Fintry Sports Club

Many thanks to everyone who signed up to the Fintry Tariff in May. Although we didn’t have as many households sign-up as we would have liked, we now have over 100 households on the tariff altogether – almost a third of the households in the village.

The installation of the meters to the new customers will start in June and we hope to have that process completed by the end of August.


Fintry Tariff Sign-ups – Round Two

Round two of “sign ups” to our electricity tariff supplied via our partners GOOD ENERGY, is planned for:

FRIDAY 5th May 2017 9am – 6pm and SATURDAY 6th May 2017 9am – 4pm at the Sports Club.

To make the sign up process smoother please bring along a copy of your most recent energy bill and Good Energy will be able to provide you with the most accurate quote.

Each Fintry household will receive a letter from Good Energy about the Fintry Tariff. Over 80 households have already signed up to the Fintry Local Tariff. A huge thank you to everyone for supporting us. We’ve been able to save many households money on electricity bills.

So far, the project has:

  • Launched the SMART Fintry Local Tariff and around 80 homes have signed up.
  • Installed meters which record electricity use and feed back in real time
  • Local generators have now joined the project and are supplying Fintry with 100% green electricity

You can also sign-up by phone. The sign-up window is from 24th April to the 12th May. Please contact Good Energy on 0800 254 0004.

Local Energy Challenge Fund Showcase 2017

As one of the projects supported by the Local Energy Challenge Fund (LECF), Smart Fintry will be taking part in the Local Energy Challenge Fund Showcase on Wednesday 15th February  at the The Academy, 150 Ingram Street, Glasgow, G1 1ES.

The event will feature talks from 12 projects supported by LECF and there is also the opportunity to discuss projects with the participants.

More information is available on the Local Energy Challenge Fund website –

LED Light Bulbs and Meter Installations

For the households that signed up for the Fintry Tariff, the meter installations have started today, 16th November. Each of the households has been contacted and an appointment made for an electrician from Energy Assets, one of the project partners, to visit, remove the existing meter and install one of the new smart meters. This process shouldn’t take much more than an hour in total.

At the same time as the meters are being installed Matthew is evaluating the requirements of each household for LED light bulbs. To save money, the bulbs will be bought in bulk.

If you have any questions or any problems with the meter installations or the LED light bulbs, you can contact Matthew on 0788 928 3577 or by email

Fintry Tariff Sign-Ups

Sign-up day at Fintry Sports Club
Sign-up day at Fintry Sports Club

A big thank you to everyone who signed up the Fintry Tariff. We were very excited to get such a great response. We had over 100 households sign-up to the tariff.

Unfortunately there were some folk who we couldn’t get on to the tariff. Some existing non-standard meter types were not recognized by Good Energy’s data system so they were unable to join the scheme. However, we are working with Good Energy to try and sort the problem. However, that still leaves over 80 homes are now supplied by the Fintry tariff.

Our target for next year is another 100 homes. We’re also intending to provide a tariff for business in the area as well.

Fintry Tariff Sign-up Days

Good EnergyThe dates for signing-up to the Fintry Tariff will be Friday 21st October and Saturday 22nd October.

The sign-up event will take place at the Sports Club. Staff from FDT and Good Energy will be on-hand, from 9am to 8pm on Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday, to answer any questions you might have and talk you through the sign-up process.

Over the next few weeks, Good Energy will be getting in touch with every household in Fintry to introduce the project and invite local households to participate by switching to the Smart Fintry Tariff. We hope this will be of particular interest to FDT members, but the tariff will be open to all households in Fintry.

For those who sign up to the Fintry Tariff, we will supply up to £150 of LED light bulbs at the discretion of our Energy Advisor.

Sign-ups are limited to 100 households on a first-come first-served basis for the first year of the project, so please mark the date in your calendar and come along early on the day to avoid missing out. If you’re not able to make the dates – don’t worry – we’ll also be providing details of how you can register directly with Good Energy (though also be aware that the closing date for sign-ups is Monday 31 October).

Good Energy Blog

One of the partners in the Smart Fintry project, Good Energy have blogged about the project on their own web site and their involvement in the project.

The Good Energy blog piece can be accessed by clicking here.

Smart Fintry Awarded Local Energy Challenge Fund Grant

SMART Fintry was launched in May 2016 when the project was awarded Phase 2 funding for The Local Energy Challenge Fund managed by Local Energy Scotland on behalf of Scottish Government.

The project balances local electricity supply with local demand across the grid network in Fintry and homes and businesses in Fintry will be invited to take part by signing up to a low cost 100% renewable electricity tariff only available in Fintry.

This project is the first of its kind in the UK, so we are very excited to be offering the Fintry Tariff to residents and businesses.

More information about the project.

More information about the project partners.

More information about the Local Energy Challenge Fund.